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Bearing maintenance

If you have a maintenance regime which you follow on a daily basis at your industrial site you’ll likely have to make sure that it is followed to the letter so that the machines remain in a good working condition. And one of the points to check on any maintenance routine is the bearings in the machine.

Because of the moving parts inside a bearing it can be adversely affected by numerous things including ambient temperature and humidity. The servicing of the bearing is thus a good time to determine how the bearing is performing and when it’ll likely need to be replaced with a new part.

Bearings should be checked whilst at standstill and whilst in operation. At standstill the bearing can be rotated by hand and any anomalies felt throughout the rotation. The lubrication levels can also be checked at standstill. At speed the bearing should make a pleasant humming noise and not emit irregular noises or chatter.

There are a wide range of sounds a bearing may make if it is not working correctly, these include hisses, popping and chatter. Each sound can lead to a different fault diagnosis.
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