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O-Rings - Metric


 O-Rings – Metric

Metric O-Rings Available Online

O-rings in metric units are mechanical, torus-shaped seals that are meant to fit within an existing notch or groove and form a seal, preventing liquids or gases from entering or exiting. As soon as the pressure rises, the O-ring slides toward the low pressure, widening the seal and allowing more air to flow through. When there is little to no pressure applied to the seal, it retains its memory and returns to its previous configuration.

Common metric O-rings should be used in applications where temperature and chemical compatibility are important considerations. The size of the metric O ring grooves is also critical in deciding how well your metric O ring will operate once it has been placed.

At BEP Ltd, we provide a comprehensive selection of bespoke metric and imperial O-rings in a variety of sizes and elastomers to fit your specific needs. Request an estimate for bespoke metric O-rings, or get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.



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