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Timing Belts - HTD 14M


 Metric Timing Belts


Order Metric Timing Belts Online

Metric timing belts are also known as metric pitch timing belts. These are meant to be used in conjunction with timing pulleys of the same size and shape. In situations when maintaining a suitable speed ratio is critical to the effective operation of your system, these belts are employed. If you are using metric timing belts, a timing pulley is commonly used to transmit torque to the belt.

The grooves on the timing pulley were evenly spaced and lined up with the teeth on the timing belt. They are constructed using a range of materials and reinforcements to ensure that they are both sturdy and long-lasting. Furthermore, you have the choice of picking either the trapezoidal or the curvilinear tooth shape from the available options.

One of the most common varieties of metric timing belts is the double-sided model, which has teeth on both sides, and the genuinely infinite form, which has a single closed loop. The open-ended variant that comes in a roll is another option.

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