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Universal Joints - Single Joint Needle Bearing


Single Joint Needle Bearing

Single Joint Needle Bearings at BEP Ltd

The single joint needle bearings perform their job by utilizing small cylindrical rollers that are spaced closely together. As implied by the word "needle," the length is significantly longer than the diameter; normally, the L/D ratio ranges between 3 and 10. The primary function of needle bearings is to lessen the amount of friction that exists between a spinning surface and its surrounding environment.

The following are a few of the reasons why needle bearings are the preferred type of bearing:

  •         With single-joint needle bearings, friction is greatly reduced, and torque is efficiently transferred while dealing with static loads and oscillating surfaces.
  •         In contrast to ball bearings, needle bearings may carry more weight since surface contact is made throughout a line rather than a point.
  •         With less additional clearance, needle bearings are likewise more compact than ball bearings.

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