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Linear Shafts


 Linear Shafts

An Overview of Linear Shafts

In machine manufacturing, a linear shaft is a straight, precision machined rod on which linear bearings are mounted in order to construct a longitudinal guide system that supports or directs the movement of equipment in a straight line. These linear shafts are available in hardened stainless steel, hardened steel, 316 stainless steel, and aluminium. On short lead times, the experts at Bolton Engineering Products Ltd can also build linear shafts to your drawing, complete with custom machinings such as keyways, circlips grooves, drill and tap holes, and other features as required.

As experts in providing our customers with the best equipment, we can provide you with a variety of materials and sizes. If you want lightweight aluminium frames for use in aerospace applications or stainless steel components for use in conditions where water or corrosive agents are present, our technical engineers are always available to assist you.



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