. Roller Chain Platewheels

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Roller Chain Platewheels


A Platewheel, sometimes referred to as a "Chain Gear" or "Sprocket", is a part of a rotating machine that relies on teeth or cogs to transmit torque. Platewheels generally work the same way as Power Transmission systems like V Belts and V Pulleys. Whereas the wheels utilised in V pulley systems are smooth, Platewheels have teeth or cogs making them ideal to use with Roller Chain.

Platewheels are commonly utilised in motorbikes, bicycles, and any other application that has a chain drive mechanism.

Bolton Engineering offers high-quality, yet affordable Platewheels in varying sizes, pitches, and teeth options. Our platewheels are available in a 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" pitch variables depending on the chain drive application. The number of teeth on a platewheel plays an important role in mechanical advantage and, at Bolton Engineering, we provide Platewheels with 8 to 40+ teeth.

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