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Universal Joints - Double Joint Plain Bore


Double Joint Unbored

Double Joint Unbored Online

With two bending points, the double joint unbored is capable of operating at angles of up to 90°. When the two shafts or rods from the center part are misaligned by 0° to 45°, this form of the joint can withstand the misalignment. In addition to compensating for parallel misalignment, the double universal joint has the benefit of being more cost-effective.

The material of choice for universal joints is determined by the application in which they will be used: Plastic protects against rust and corrosion, as well as provides electrical and magnetic isolation, or Steel has the capacity to withstand more torque and temperature than other materials.  Double joints are utilized in a variety of applications, including driveshafts, automobile propeller sprockets, centrifugal fans, and pumping systems, belt conveyors, control systems, naval equipment, and metal forming machines.

Bolton Engineering Products is here at your service to help you get your hands on the best quality double joints unbored at a very affordable price.



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