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Roller Chain Platewheels - 3/8


Roller Chain Plate Wheels

Roller Chain Platewheels - 3/8 Pitch

Plate wheels Online

A plate wheel, also known as a "Chain Gear," is a component of a rotating machine that transmits torque through the use of teeth or cogs. When it comes to operation, plate wheels are similar to other power transmission systems such as V belts and V pulleys. Although smooth, plate wheels are appropriate for use with roller chains because they include teeth or cogs, as opposed to the seamless wheels used in V pulley systems.

Plate wheels are typically seen in motorcycles, bicycles, and any other application that utilizes a chain drive system. With a wide range of sizes, pitches, and teeth, Bolton Engineering Products have the Plate wheels you need at an accessible price. Depending on the chain drive application, our plate wheels are available in a variety of pitch variations, including 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1". The amount of teeth on a plate wheel has a significant impact on its mechanical advantage, and at our website, we offer Plate wheels with anywhere from 8 to 40+ teeth to meet your needs.



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