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V-Belts - CX Section


Vee Belts CX Section

CX Section Vee Belts Available at Bolton Engineering Products Ltd

BEP Ltd has been a bearings and housings supplier for a couple of decades now. Our automotive Vee belts are powering the belt drive in your automobiles, whether they are commercial vehicles, small trucks, or personal vehicles.

Our V-belts are designed to operate without the need for lubrication, allowing you to keep your cars running. The wear, corrosion, and heat resistance of our V-belts, along with OE grade fit and construction, ensure that they will provide dependable and long-lasting operation.

In a conventional Vee belt, the following are the essential components:

  •         Rubber compound that serves as a foundation. The rubber material, which constitutes the majority of the V-belt, serves as a shock absorber during operation.
  •         Its textile coating ensures a proper grip for transmitting power while also shielding the rubber from frictional damage and contamination.
  •         The tensile components generally referred to as "cords" that are inserted in the rubber of the Vee belt provide it with strength.

Please get in touch with us if you require any further information about our Vee belt products that are available in your region.



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