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Internal Circlips


Internal Circlips

Internal Circlips

Internal circlips are a type of circlip that is inserted inside the bore of a cylindrical shaft and forces the shaft outward. To install a clip, the installer uses a specific plier that fits into the clip's holes and allows them to easily compress and contract the clip to get it in the right place. These clips are able to fit so tightly and consistently within a cylindrical assembly because of the force created by the spring tension of the clip. The amount of spring pressure created is significantly influenced by the diameter and thickness of the clip.

Since delivering excellent customer service is our top priority, all internal circlips will be sent free of charge by second-class mail. If you prefer, you may pick from a variety of additional shipping, packing, and delivery choices. The internal circlips are covered by our no-questions-asked, 90-day money-back guarantee.



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