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Mitre Gears Supplier, UK

Bolton Engineering standard stock metric mitre gears complement the exisiting range of diametral pitch gears to provide the designer a wider range of selection. The mitre gear sets are available in 7 tooth sizes in 9 pitches from 1.0 Mod to 5.0 Mod, providing the correct solution for a right angle drives in applications from light instrumentation and office equipment to heavy manufacturing machinery.

All gears are manufactured in medium carbon steels for high strength and durability, and can be optionally induction/ flame hardened for arduous applications. The gears are to the gleason system with 20 degree pressure angle, and supplied only in pairs to ensure correct matching.

For long life and efficient operation it is essential that mitre gears are correctly mounted on rigidly supported shafts with bearings able to support the axial and radial loads imposed. The shafts should be a true right angle within the following tolerances:-

Shaft axis to interest with 0.025mm. Shafts to be at right angles with +- 5’ angle. The mounting distance (Dimension A) to be true within +0.0/-0.05mm.

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