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Universal Joints - Single Joint Plain Bore


 Single Joint Unbored

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The universal joint is a mechanical coupling that is used to link two shafts or rods that are inclined at an angle to one other. The universal joint compensates for angular misalignment by allowing the shafts to move freely in any direction while still transferring rotational motion to the joint. The universal joint is made up of a pair of hinges or fork-shaped yokes that are aligned at 90 degrees to each other and are joined by a cross shaft. Usually, these single joints unbored are used to link line shafts, driveshafts, conveyors, and almost any other sort of rotating machinery to a primary mover.

Single joint unbored features a single bending point and may be used at angles of up to 45°, depending on the model. These joints are able to handle up to a 25-degree operating angle misalignment between the two center sections. This joint is appropriate for use in situations requiring modest speeds.



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