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Flat Belts - 25mm Wide


Flat Belts

25mm Wide

Affordable and Durable Flat Belts Online

In addition to cleats and lamination, flat belts can have perforations, profiles, and sidewalls. Flat belts are widely employed in a wide range of industries. They have been in use in the manufacturing business for many years now. Agricultural machinery like threshing machines, silo blowers, balers, pumps, and generators have been and continue to be heavily reliant on these flat belts online.

Flat belts can be made of a variety of various materials, depending on their use. The material of a flat belt, as well as its form and size, dictate its applicability. When it comes to heat treatment, a thin flat belt made of natural rubber, for example, is unlikely to be employed as a conveyor.

Secondly, natural rubber has a low-temperature resistance, making it less than suitable for use in settings where it would be exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time, such as a laboratory. An extra-wide, heat-resistant synthetic rubber or plastic belt might be a better choice in this situation. When utilized for this purpose, metal belts are also occasionally employed.

At BEP Ltd, you can get your hands on all types of flat belts. Get on board and check out what we have for our buyers.



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