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Tyre Couplings


Tyre Couplings

Order Tyre Couplings at BEP Ltd

There are several variations of tyre couplings, which are described in more detail below. Shock, vibration, and noise are all reduced by the rubber inserts.  It's possible to utilize the natural rubber type in the most frequent situations.

Depending on whether the taper bores are inserted from the flange side of the hub side or if there is a pilot bore, coupling assemblies are available in three distinct forms. Below are three types of configurations:

  •         Both taper locking bushes on FF tyre drive coupling units face inwards towards the flange.
  •         A pilot bore runs through the coupling in BB assemblies.
  •         Both taper locking bushes on HH assemblies face outwards towards the hub.
  •         In an FH coupling, one taper bush is inserted from the flanged side and one from the hub side.
  •         The hub side of the HB type one taper locking bush is inserted, while the other side features a nominally sized pilot bore.
  •         The FB type one taper locking bush is installed from the side of the flange, with a suitably sized pilot bore on the other flange.

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