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External Circlips


External Circlips

External Circlips Online

Being the industry leader, Bolton Engineering Products Ltd promises to supply and provide the best quality engineering components in the country. We are providing a huge choice of new and replacement bearings, associated parts, and a wide range of tools to assist you in getting the work done. In keeping with our mission to serve the country with the best quality precision-engineered components, we maintain a really comprehensive inventory of circlips.

Circlips, also known as snap rings or C-clips, is a form of retention ring that is made of semi-pliable metal and has holes on both ends. When the clips are installed, they are distorted elastically and are withdrawn by inserting a pair of circlip pliers into tiny holes at either end of the ring and stretching it open to release it. External circlips are inserted axially over the outside of a shaft in order to give an interference fit onto a machined groove in the shaft. The circlip allows the shaft to rotate, but it prevents it from moving in any direction.



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