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Spur Gears - DP 20


Imperial Spur Gears

Spur Gears - DP 20

Imperial Spur Gears Available Online At BEP Ltd

The imperial spur gears are the simplest gear type to machine out of all the options available in the machining industry. These gears are typically constructed of a cylinder or disc with edges or cogs that protrude radially outward from the center. They are used to transmit motion and power between moving shafts.

With their unique shape, spur gears are perfect for devices that require an unchanging and constant driving ratio. Spur Gears can be properly linked together when they have been placed into parallel shafts because the edge of each spur gear tooth is straight and positioned parallel to the machine's axis of rotation. Because of this, spur Gears are only perfectly meshable when they are put into parallel shafts.

Spur Gears are available at Bolton Engineering Products Ltd, and they are made of high-quality steel. Contact us to learn more. Please contact us if you require further information about Power Transmission or mechanical items such as V Belts and V Pulleys, Ball Bearings, or any other products.



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