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HRC Jaw Couplings


HRC Couplings

Overview of HRC Couplings

Couplings for power transmission are available at Bolton Engineering Products Ltd in a wide variety of styles and sizes. A cushioning rubber or chloroprene compound insert is sandwiched between the two sides of these HRC coupling assembly components, and each half locks to its segment of the shaft through a tapered locking bushing. These can be purchased as a set or individually.

HRC coupling may be adapted to a wide range of shaft diameters using suitable bushes because of their modular architecture. When you are creating HRC coupling assemblies from scratch, ensure to pay attention to the entire data sheets of each component. One factor is the rotational speed. Smaller coupling sizes are better suited for high-speed applications, whilst bigger coupling diameters are better suited for lower-speed applications.

The shaft and HRC coupling assembly unit alignment is critical for best performance and long-term efficiency. If you have axial misalignment of more than a one-degree angle in most circumstances, you'll need inserts. The precision engineering of the coupling minimizes parallel movement in connected shafts, with tolerances typically less than one millimeter.



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