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Spherical Roller Bearing Supplier, UK

Spherical Roller Bearings are a form of self-aligning bearings that utilize two rows of barrel-shaped rollers and a common outer raceway. The spherical roller geometry enables these bearings to support very large radial loads and moderate thrust loads. In contrast to self-aligning ball bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings experience more frictional losses and therefore operate at lower relative speeds. Since Spherical Roller Bearings are self-aligning they can automatically compensate for angular misalignment within a system. In addition, their spherical roller geometry provides them with a high resistance to impact forces and dynamic loads. Misalignments, either from machining errors, assembly errors, deflections, or dynamic loads, are automatically stabilized. Typical uses for Spherical Roller Bearings include agricultural, construction, and mining equipment, marine propulsion, wind turbines, gearboxes, drive shafts, woodworking machinery, pumps, mechanical fans and air blowers. No matter your application, Bolton Engineering is ready to develop and deliver the right Spherical Roller Bearing solution for your specific needs.

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