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Continental SilentSync Timing Belt


If noise or vibration is a problem, ContiTech SilentSync high-power synchronous belts could be your solution. Their unique self-tracking v-shaped teeth continuously mesh with the pulley, enabling them to run with very little noise or vibration. This innovative belt features revolutionary Helical Offset Teeth (HOT) that self-track on the Eagle pulley, making it extremely efficient. These belts ideal for use on a wide range of applications, including lifting and conveying systems. Helical offset tooth timing belts can also run in both directions on reciprocating drives. 

What are the benefits of switching to a CONTI® SilentSync belt drive?

With energy prices going through the roof in recent years, companies can meet their energy goals simply by switching to a more efficient drive.

If you are looking to save energy, reduce noise, and/or minimise vibration, the CONTI® SilentSync belt drive does it all.

An energy-efficient alternative to v-belt drives, where extreme noise prohibits the use of a standard timing belt, the SilentSync can not only save energy but also reduce drive size. It is, without doubt, an excellent problem solver belt.

Thanks to the unique Helical Offset Tooth design, or HOT for short, the v-shaped teeth offer significant noise reduction compared to a straight tooth synchronous belt design.

Why choose a SilentSync belt? • Low noise • Low vibration • Accurate positioning • High drive efficiency • Low maintenance

  • Spindle drives and other industrial machinery with high RPM (range)
  • Horizontal drives (Fin Fan)
  • Vertical cooling fan drives
  • Printing machines
  • Conveyor drives
  • Pump drives
  • and many other drives

Please Note due to material and labor shortages Continental SilentSync Belts are hit and miss as far as availability. We at Bolton Engineering Products are trying to list available inventory by listing a price. If you need a large quantity, please call or email us to make sure we still have stock before entering your order. Thank you for your patience.



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