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Universal Joints - Double Joint Needle Bearing


Double Joint Needle Bearing

Double Joint Needle Bearings Online

It is feasible for joints equipped with basic friction bearings to experience problems at high speeds, even when the transmitted torque is small. The double joint needle bearings are fitted along with other bearings so as to lower the produced friction. They are designed for sensitive applications like automation and instrumentation, where they must retain little torque at greater angles while operating at faster speeds. Because of their long lifetime and high RPM at working angles of up to 45 degrees, they are ideal for continuous operations. Once worn out, they have the capacity of being rebuilt, which is something only we can help you with.

Features and Characteristics:

  •         Torsional backlash is minimized and maintained at or near zero.
  •         Longer lifespan in continuous operations and higher RPM are two advantages.
  •         Needle bearings are lubricated throughout the duration of the joint's life
  •         For conditions that are gaseous or abrasive, boot coverings are advised
  •         Hub ends are available in a variety of conventional bore designs, such as plain bore, square bore, and keyway


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