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NUP Cylindrical Roller Bearings


NUP Cylindrical Roller Bearings

In addition to having a double-ribbed outer ring, the cylindrical bearing type NUP contains a single-ribbed inner band with an adjacent loose rib. This rib allows it to give axial location while also carrying light thrust loads in both directions. In the case of type NU, the factors that influence radial and thrust load capabilities are the same. These bearings are used in cement manufacturing equipment, such as vertical rolling mills, crushers, conveyor drives, gear reducers, rotary kilns, and spherical pillow blocks.

Design Characteristics

  •         In this design of NUP Cylindrical Roller Bearings, an outer ring with two integral ribs is used, whereas an inner circle is only used to support one rib.
  •         This function provides axial location.
  •         There is a loose abutting rib.
  •         Used in conjunction with an RN or RU bearing, it allows for axial expansion and contraction to take place.

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