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Worms & Wormwheels


Worm & Worm Wheels

Order Worm & Worm Wheels from BEP Ltd Today!

Worms are shanks that drive a Worm Wheel through at least one entire tooth on the worm. The Wormwheel is positioned at an angle of 90 degrees to the Worm. Designed in the shape of a screw, the Worm Wheel has teeth that are carved at an angle, and the two work together to create a tight fit.

A 90-degree engagement between the Worm Screw's teeth and the teeth of the Worm Wheel allows rotational movement and power to be transferred. Depending on the application, Worms and Worm Wheels are available in both left and right-hand variations. When two spinning shafts cross at 90 degrees, the Worm transmits motion between them and has the ability to lower or raise the speed of rotation.

Machine parts, motors, paper mills, presses, the calibration of musical instruments, and hose clamps are all examples where this component is used. Since they are quiet and smooth in operation, worms and worm wheels outperform equivalent drives that use spur gears in terms of size reduction. It is possible to limit the Worm Wheels ability to reverse the direction of power transmission by using large reduction ratios, such as a single start worm with a large gear ratio.



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