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Lazy Suzan Bearings


Lazy Susan Bearings

Lazy Susan Bearings at Affordable Price

A rotary bearing, often known as a lazy susan bearing, is a type of bearing that rotates. The bearing is similar to other bearings in that it allows for rotation between the two parts, but it is particularly intended to carry a significant axial load while spinning.

How Does Lazy Susan Bearing Work?

When only one lazy susan bearing is employed, all of the force is concentrated in a single location (F1). This can result in damage to the balls that enable rotation to occur. With the addition of a second bearing, the force is more uniformly distributed (F1 and F2), and the bearing is not harmed as a result of the imbalance in the weight distribution.

Why Use The Lazy Susan Bearing?

Lazy susan bearings provide a variety of advantages, including the following:

  •         Smooth and easy rotation
  •         Creates even weight distribution
  •         Lesser bearing damage
  •         Enhanced strength during transportation
  •         Adds balance to the tall displays
  •         During rotation, there is less swaying


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