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Roller Chain Pilot Bore Sprockets - 3/4


Roller Chain Pilot Bore Sprockets

Roller Chain Pilot Bore Sprockets - 3/4 Pitch

Pilot Bore Sprockets Online

This type of gear is also referred to as a Rough Stock Bore Sprocket and is attached to the shaft by means of either a bushing or a hub. Since it comes with an oversized bore, the buyer must modify it to meet their specific shaft size. The sprocket is made up of metal teeth that mesh with the links of a chain in order to convey power while preventing slippage from occurring.

In many areas of industrial manufacturing, pilot bore sprockets are prevalent. They may also be found on vehicles that use drive chains, such as bicycles or motorcycles.

Bolton Engineering Products Ltd carries a vast selection of sockets, both big and small, in a variety of sizes and shapes. With over 300 different sockets to choose from, you're sure to find the item you're looking for. Sprockets known for their long-lasting quality and low price are available from us. Despite the fact that our product is already reasonably priced, our bulk-discount pricing strategy means that the more you buy, the more money you save on your purchases



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