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Oil Seals


Oil Seals

Oil Seals Online

Oil seals, also known as grease, fluid, or dirt seals, are used to fill openings between fixed and moving components in mechanical machinery, therefore preventing lubricant from leaking. They also help prevent impurities from entering machinery, which is especially important in extreme situations. When it comes to protecting all varieties of precision-constructed, close-fitting balls, sleeves, and roller bearings, oil seals are essential components of almost every form of machine and vehicle in use.

Oil seals, which are used in precise bearings, aid to prevent lubricants from escaping the bearings or a specific section of the bearings. Oil seals are used in machine components to keep abrasive particles, corrosive humidity, and other dangerous pollutants from entering the equipment. They also aid in preventing the mixing of two distinct fluids, such as lubricating oil and water, from occurring.

Design Characteristics

  •         Oil seals have precision sealing designs that are compatible with a wide range of equipment and replacement applications.
·         The seals contribute to the achievement of constant and reliable functioning.


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