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Adaptor Sleeves


Adaptor Sleeves

Order the Best Adaptor Sleeves from BEP Ltd Today!

In order to locate bearings with tapered bores into cylindrical seats, adapter sleeves are the most generally utilized components. They can be used on plain shafts or stepped shafts. The adapter sleeves are simple to install, and they do not demand the use of a separate mounting place.

In the case of plain shafts, the bearing can be mounted at any point along the length of the shaft. In conjunction with an L-shaped spacer ring, a bearing can be precisely positioned axially, which simplifies the process of mounting and dismounting the bearing on stepped shafts.

If you require assistance in determining the most appropriate Adaptor Sleeve for your applications, please contact us and speak with one of our trained staff members. We're here to assist you and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.



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