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Spur Gears - 4 MOD


 Metric Spur Gears

Spur Gears - 4 MOD

Metric Spur Gears Online

A metric spur gear is one that is constructed to the exacting specifications of the ISO and DIN standards. In addition to being constructed from high-strength steel, our premium precision gears are built with a 20-degree pressure angle and are available in either the plate type or the b-hub form. In addition to simple stock bores, we can offer machine-finished bores with a keyway and set screw upon request for our metric spur gears.

Industrial machinery, construction equipment, packing equipment, elevators, alignment equipment, robotics, linear control devices, and a variety of other applications are common places to find metric spur gears. For spur gears in general, there are a large variety of characteristics that impact the gear size selection. The optimal outcome for productivity and gear life will be achieved by evaluating the possible application situations and making the best gear selection. Our customer service staff would be pleased to assist you with any further questions you may have or to provide you with a price for our metric spur gears.



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