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Synchrochain / Polychain Timing Belts


Synchrochain/Poly Chain Timing Belts

Polychain/Synchrochain Timing Belts Available at The Best Price

There are many various varieties of toothed belts, and each one is designed to be used in a certain sector. The Polychain family of toothed belts is an excellent choice for drives requiring exceptionally high torque at low speeds. This is due to the fact that these are the strongest toothed belts now available on the market. Dense toothed belts, such as Polychain, are constructed of polyurethane and feature tensile cords made of carbon fiber.

Polychain toothed belts are now available in open-ended configurations, and they can be utilized in Omega drives, in which the outside ends of the belt are secured with clamps plates to allow for both back-and-forth and up-and-down motion to be accomplished.

A lot of factors are taken into consideration for choosing the best polychain/synchrochain belt. From what is being driven to the intended speed, center-to-center distance, and a lot more are assessed before the purchase of Poly Chain belts.

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