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Mitre Gears - 0.5 MOD


Metric Mitre Gears

Mitre Gears - 0.5 MOD

Metric Mitre Gears Online At Affordable Price

Generally speaking, mitre gears are a type of gear that consists of two axes that are rotated at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. They are a form of Bevel Gear that does have a one-to-one ratio and operates in pairs. Additionally, they are available in spiral and angular configurations.

The metric mitre gears are sold in pairs, with both gears having the same number of straight teeth, allowing identical mitre gears to mesh together. These gears are also available individually. Its surface is formed in a conical fashion and has a pitched angle. Non-perpendicular mitre Gears have angles ranging from 45 degrees to 120 degrees. Because no two metric mitre Gears are exactly the same, they are offered in matching left and right-handed pairs.

Using mitre gears, you may shift the direction in which a shaft rotates. Mitre Gears are utilized in a broad range of applications where a shift in rotation direction is only required without any change in speed.



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