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Rod End Bearings


Rod End Bearings

Male End Rod Bearings Now Available at Affordable Price!

Rod End Bearings, also known as rose joints or Heim joints, is a type of mechanical articulated joint. These bearings are used on the ends of cylinders, couplings, rods, and axles to compensate for misalignment between linked parts. These bearings are composed of an inner ring that has been spherically formed and a cylindrical bore that has been designed for mounting on a shaft. In order to facilitate installation, male rod end bearings are constructed with external threading.

As the name suggests, right-handed threads tighten clockwise and are the most frequent type of thread utilized. When using left-handed threads, it is imperative that the matching portion has the same orientation.

Bolton Engineering Products is here with a range of male end rod bearings for the users. Get online and check out what we have for you!

Female End Rod Bearings Now Available at Affordable Price!

Rod ends consist of an eye-shaped head with an integrated shank that serves as housing, as well as a conventional spherical plain bearing with a cylindrical bore. Alternatively, an inner ring with a spherical plain bearing and a sliding layer between the bore of the head and the inner ring is also included.

Steel-on-steel, steel-on-PTFE composite material, steel-on-bronze, and steel-on-PTFE fabric sliding contact surface combinations are available for rod ends from Bolton Engineering Products Ltd.

A frequent relubrication schedule is required for rod ends with this sliding contact surface combination. The use of these bearings is particularly well suited for bearing setups in which heavy alternating loads must be managed.



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