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Roller Bearings


Overview of Roller Bearings Online

Despite having a shape similar to that of ball bearings, roller bearings use cylinder rolling elements to spin for rotational movements. Using rolling elements like rollers between outer and inner rings, also known as races, roller bearings carry weight and provide a smooth running motion. This enables the bearing to maintain separation between moving parts, hence helping reduce rotational friction and unwanted noise.

Roller bearings are the optimum choice for applications requiring high radial and axial load support, and they are available in a range of types and forms to meet your specific needs.

These bearings are classified based on the shape of the roller, which can reduce friction while also supporting axial and radial loads, among other characteristics. Bolton Engineering Products Ltd. offers a comprehensive selection of roller bearings, including tapered roller bearings and needle roller bearings, to fulfill all of your needs.

Rotary bearings include rollers to divide the races, which optimizes stress distribution and ensures a low coefficient of friction movement. These roller bearings can take more weight than ball bearings. They are mostly used in heavy equipment, manufacturing, and aerospace industries.



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