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Poly V-Belts


Poly-V belts

Poly-V Belts At Bolton Engineering Products Ltd

Bolton Engineering Products Ltd, a business that manufactures a comprehensive line of power transmission belts, provides a variety of poly V-belts for use in circumferential drives with tiny pulley diameters, where slippage is acceptable. Poly-V-belts are quick and agile power transmission components that operate exceedingly quietly throughout a wide range of applications.

The Poly-V Belt can be defined as flat cord-reinforced transmission Belts with triangular-shaped ribs extending lengthwise and with a top angle of 45 degrees. The Poly-V Belt's design provides superior protection for all reinforcing cords, resulting in more uniform load distribution. Additionally, the Poly-V Belt serves as a guide for an idler pulley or a Belt tensioner. With a Poly-V Belt drive, less space is required, and the Belt may be subjected to increasing stress without being damaged. Instead of using a number of regular Belts, a single broader Poly-V Belt is employed.

Bolton Engineering Products Ltd guarantees high-quality goods and excellent customer service. If you have any questions, please call our pleasant and professional team.



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