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Needle Roller Bearings Cage Type


Needle Roller Bearings Cage Type

Needle Roller Bearings with Cage Type

To minimize friction on a rotating surface without having to utilize an inner or outside race, needle roller and cage types of devices use a roller-style rotating element. Needle roller bearings with cage type offer a high weight carrying capacity while maintaining a smaller cross-section height. They are composed just of a retainer and rollers, with no other components.

When opposed to ball bearings, needle roller bearings cage types have a higher surface area that comes into contact with the bearing outer surfaces. They are also considerably more compact since there is less clearance, which is the difference between the diameter of the shaft and the diameter of the bearing.

Attributes and Perks of Needle Roller Bearings with Cage Type

  •         The use of needle roller and cage assemblies is particularly advantageous in applications where space is limited.
  •         Narrow needle roller and cage assemblies have a great load carrying capacity due to the large number of rollers being used in their construction.
  •         A large number of small-diameter rollers give needle roller and cage systems a high degree of rigidity.


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