. Suggestions for Bearing Replacement

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Suggestions for Bearing Replacement

Today bearings are of significant value in almost all fields of life. These are widely used at domestic, as well as, industrial level. Bearings are one of the most elemental components that contribute towards the enabling of smooth and noise-free mechanical motion in various machines, ranging from simple home appliances to heavier and more complex industrial machinery.

Improper functioning of bearings in machines can lead to the damage of various parts, which is usually a consequence of friction. Frequent damage caused due to friction requires adequate replacement of bearings and other parts in a machine unit. Below are a few tips for you to assist you with the proper, easy and quick replacement of bearings, so that you may not face and undue problems in the future.

Replace Bearings in Pairs

When replacing bearings, ensure that you replace bearings in sets of two. A damaged or ruined bearing is indicative of the fact that other bearings are soon going to show similar signs of damage. In order to ensure utmost safety and save yourself the inconvenience of having to replace another bearing only a short period of time after you replace the first bearing, it is advised that you replace bearings in pairs.

Apply Heat to the Hub

It is possible that you may often face trouble when removing bearings from a machine, for the purpose of replacement. To easily remove bearings, it is advised that you heat the hub which makes the removal extremely quick and effortless. Heating the hub leads to the expansion of the metal which causes the bearings to loosen up in very little time.

Grease the Bearings

Greasing in itself extends the lifespan of bearings and is required to ensure their proper functioning. However, if you are facing any problems in the replacement of bearings, greasing can help you with easy removal and replacement too. Using a thin layer of grease to coat your bearings and other machine components significantly reduces friction and can make the replacement process quick and easy.

Take Assistance of the Manual

A manual can be of particular help if you are new to the process of bearing replacement. A good service manual will provide you with all the necessary guidelines and instructions to assist you with the proper replacement of bearings. This is of considerable help and can make the procedure much more quick and easy for you.

Prefer Using the Whole Unit

It is advised that when replacing bearings, opt for bearings that are sealed and are available as a part of the whole unit. Using bearings for replacement that are available with the hub and other hardware make the assembling much more efficient and convenient.

Hardware and Sensors

When replacing bearings, ensure that you remove brake hardware and sensors. These are really delicate components that need to be handled carefully, to prevent an undue damage to these during the replacement process. As these components are also pricy, their removal before the replacement can save you any unnecessary expenditure as a consequence of damaging these parts during bearing replacement.
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