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Ball Bearings: Types, Uses, and Benefits

Ball Bearings: Types, Uses, and Benefits

Ball bearings are used in various kinds of machines for smooth and frictionless operations and rotary motions. They are extensively used in vehicles, turbines, engines, motors, and medical equipment for efficient functioning. Ball bearings in the UK are used for carrying out three essential functions in a machine, namely, carrying the load, reducing friction between the moving parts, and keeping the moving parts of the machines in place.


All in all, ball bearings in the UK are an essential component in every machinery. If you are someone who wants to source optimum quality ball bearings for your machines or manufacturing unit, it would be highly important for you to learn about all the types of ball bearings, along with their associated uses, and benefits.


So, here in this blog, we will discuss the various types of ball bearings and will also talk about their functions and benefits.   


Types and Uses of Ball Bearings  

  1. Deep groove Ball Bearings

These ball bearings possess raceway grooves which means that the arcs of the inner as well as outer rings of the bearings are a bit larger than the size of the balls. The deep-groove ball bearings are extremely versatile when it comes to usage; they are used in machines with high speed. These are also suitable for extending high radial load capacity to a machine. These types of ball bearings in the UK are generally used in the following sectors:

  • Wind Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical, etc.


  1. Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

These ball bearings are unique in design and have a split in the inner ring, which provides four-point contact to the balls. These bearings are more apt and suitable for machines with high load capacity and can help a machine accommodate both axial and radial loads. Four-point ball bearings in the UK are used in the following sectors:

  • Fitness
  • Electronic motors
  • Agriculture


  1. Angular Contact Ball Bearings

These bearings contain raceways that are parallel to the bearing axis and are displaced at a relative angle. These bearings provide higher speed capacity as well as higher axial load capacity to a machine. Angular contact ball bearings in the UK are available in single-row and double-row variants and are used in the following sectors:

  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Utility
  • Compressors
  • Packaging
  • Conveying


  1. Thrust Ball Bearings

These bearings possess grooved raceways and washer rings. And because of this, they can only bear axial loads. Moreover, these bearings are not suitable for radial loads. They can also be used to bear single and double-direction thrust loads in a machine. These ball bearings in the UK are widely used in the following sectors:

  • Electric motors
  • Transmissions
  • Automotive engines
  • Axle assemblies


Benefits of using Ball Bearings

Undoubtedly ball bearings in the UK are an essential component in all types of machines and are requisite for the proper functioning of a machine, still, there are some predefined benefits of using the right kind of ball bearing according to the necessity and usage. Here are some of the principal uses and benefits of using ball bearings in a machine:

  • Ball bearings keep the vibration, friction, and noise in check.
  • Ball bearings that are made of steel are more durable, have better usability, and do not get corroded easily.
  • They provide better mechanical stability to heavy-load machines.
  • Some ball bearings require less axial space and provide both radial as well as axial load capacity.
  • Ball bearings provide the machine with a highly impressive speed of performance and require minimal maintenance.  



This blog will help you understand all the necessary aspects of ball bearings in a clear and simplified manner. However, it is of utmost importance to source ball bearings for your machines from a trusted and renowned manufacturer and seller like Bolton Engineering Products Ltd. We possess unmatched expertise in manufacturing and supplying high-end ball bearings in the UK and other mechanical parts given the experience and excellence that we have earned over the years.

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