. Learn More About The Different Types Of Bearings

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Learn More About The Different Types Of Bearings

Learn More About The Different Types Of Bearings

In many instances, bearings, whether in the form of a little supermarket cart or a large power plant, are required for the proper operation of heavy-duty and light-duty equipment. For a wide range of machinery in the UK, bearings serve as an essential component. Bearings avoid direct metal-to-metal contact between two moving parts. Friction, heat generation, and part wear and tear are all reduced by this.

Let us go through different types of bearings now.


  1. Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

As a result of shaft deflection or incorrect mounting, this ball bearing is unaffected by misalignment between the shaft and the housing. The inner ring has deep grooves, followed by two rows of balls and the outer ring. The outer ring is concave, allowing the inner ring to move around depending on the misalignment.

  1. Angular Contact Ball Bearings

This ball-bearing type's inner and outer races are positioned about one another along the bearing axis. This type is designed to handle more axial and radial loads. The axial load can be transmitted from the bearing to the housing by shifting the inner and outer races. This bearing is ideal for applications requiring rigid axial guiding. The usage of angular contact bearings is common in agricultural equipment, vehicles, gears, and pumps.

  1. Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are capable of withstanding high radial and thrust stresses. Tapered roller bearings are used in automobile hubs, where they will be normally positioned in pairs facing opposing directions to handle thrust in both directions.

  1. Thrust Ball Bearings

The thrust ball bearings are a unique subset of ball bearings that are designed for axial stresses. They are incapable of withstanding radial loads. These are known for their low noises, efficient functioning, and ability to handle high-speed applications. It is necessary to determine if the load is unidirectional or bidirectional before choosing the bearings.

Bolton Engineering Products is here with ample numbers of bearings in the UK for buyers. Visit us and check out the different types that we have got for you.

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