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MB Tab Washers


MB Tab Washers

Check Out About MB Tab Washers

Designed to hold items in place, tab washers are used to ensure that they stay in place firmly. A variety of tab washers are available, each of which is designed for a certain set of circumstances. Internal tab washers, locking tab washers, and external tab washers are all available at Bolton Engineering Products Ltd. To satisfy the specific requirements of your project, we also provide internal and external combination tab washers.

Using the tab lock washer, bolts and nuts can be physically locked in place by bending the exterior or internal tabs of the washer over the mating portions. Designed for use in important assemblies such as naval ships, power plants, and heavy machinery, the MB tab washers keep bolts from falling loose. When working in areas where there is a lot of heat or constant vibration, you should use tab and lock washers as well.

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