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V-Belt Link Belting Supplier, UK

V-belt Link belting offers a fast alternative to a V-Belt or Wedge Belt in an emergency break down situation, due to the ease in which the belts length can be adjusted to suit any application. Also used as preferred belting  product in applications where an endless belt can not be fitted without an expensive machine breakdown as it can be threaded into place and connected in situ without the need for shafts and bearings to be dismantled.

V-Belt Link Belting is the ideal replacement substitute for conventional rubber V-Belts and offers a permanent or ideal temporary replacement for conventional rubber V-Belts. Dunlop V-Belt Link Belting combines superior strength, durability and quick, easy assembly to keep equipment up and running at the same running horse power ratings as rubber belts.
• Durable urethane coating precision machined sides for smooth engagement
• Rugged, woven polyester fabric for strength and longer belt life
• Dunlop urethane construction offers superior resistance to most common industrial solvents and
chemicals, oil, water and extreme temperatures, from -25C to 80C
• Dissipates heat so they run cooler than conventional belts

Installation and assembly is as easy as a snap and a twist. No special tools are required to couple or uncouple each belt. Belts can be made to accommodate any length, which makes them ideal for emergency repairs and replacements. Once assembled, V-Link Belts are installed in a fraction of the time needed for endless rubber belts without removing bearings, motors or shafts. They are suitable in harsh environments and are ideal for metal processing, machine tool, agricultural, packaging, coal and aggregate, pulp and paper, marine, air handling, petrochemical, woodworking, conveying and food industries, HVAC.



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