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Belts & Pulleys

In order to increase the power transmission within your machinery, using the correct V Belt with a V Pulley will make the different. There are many different options available to suit a wide range of applications and Bolton Engineering Products has everything you require. 

A V Pulley is a mixture of V Belts and V Pulleys and they are often used in line shafts, tractors, rotating brushes as well as moving mechanical power along with torque and speed.

If you are looking for a heavy duty belt, then Kevlar belts are the recommended choice. Kevlar Mower Belts have been designed in such a way that they have the ability to offer increased strength while putting up with extended use.

In order to improve the efficiency of a V Pulley, Taperlock Bushes are used. These are locking mechanism that are a requirement when looking to improve the use of a standard V Pulley as wel as a Taperlock V Pulley.

If you have small centre distances and require high speed drives then Poly V Belts are ideal because they have an efficient torque drive and high ratio. It is possible to use these belts with smaller pulleys and because of the amount of engagement the surface of the belt experience, the width of the drive can be decreases which leads to an increase in horsepower per inch ratio of the width of the belt when compared to the bigger standard V belts.

 V-belts and wedge belts are designed to link two or more rotating shafts. They offer high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, economical and virtually maintenance free, therefore, can be used to drive and control moving component parts in automotive, industrial and agricutural applications.

Wrapped V-belts and high capacity wedge belts remain the most widely used belt/pulley system in service today. Raw edge cogged V-belts and wedge belts, enable the use of smaller pulley diameters and so save costs on drive design.

Banded V-belts consist of several single belts that are joined into one unit with a band at the top. This design absorbs the natural vibration generated by individual belt sets, they are also used for their high strength and lateral rigidity. 

Kevlar corded V-belts are stronger than conventional drive belts, due to the high strength of the Kevlar cords and the heat resistant cotton wrap that covers the outer edges of the belts. Kevlar corded V-belts are suitable for all clutching agricutural applications.

V-belts and wedge belts ranges include: V-belts wrapped - Z to D sections, V-belts raw edged cogged - AX to BX, wedge belts wrapped - SPZ to SPC, wedge belts raw edged - SPZX to SPCX,  V-belts automotive raw edged cogged - AVX10 to AVX13, V-belts hexagonal wrapped - AA to CC, V-belts kevlar cord cotten wrapped - 3L to 5L, V-belts banded wrapped - A to C, 3V to 8V and SPZ to SPC

V-belt pulleys are available with either a pilot or taper bore, the latter designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and keyway size.

At Bolton Engineering Products we offer a wide range of Belt and Pulley components for a number of specialist applications such as continuous power transmission, precision actuation and speed conversion. Belts and Pulleys are used to transfer a rotary motion between several parallel shafts. They allow the transfer of rotary motion across large distance but in the main they are lighter, emit less noise and offer more efficiency than other transmission systems. 

Metric T and AT Type timing belts and pulleys have teeth and this makes it possible for them to transfer a rotary motion at a fixed speed.  They are designed in a specific way so that they make it possible to synchronise the speed of two shafts precisely. 

For heavy duty applications, Metric HTD Type belts and pulleys are include rounded polypropylene rubber teeth that improve tooth contact which also eliminates the chances of slipping or tooth jumping.

There are imperial MXL, XL and H type timing belts that are toothed and all are made using imperial sizes. The pitch of the teeth is different on all four of these products and this is determined by their size and indicated by the name of the products – MXL, XL, L and H type.

Vee type belts and pulley are shaped like a wedge which makes it possible for them to self-centralise while they are being used. These are toothless and are therefore, ideal for applications that require high-speed and low-torque.

When it comes to transferring rotary motion a flat belt is the simplest and most basic method available. These belts work best when they are used with low-torque.

Taper Locking Bushes are components that have a universal mounting which makes the compatible with a number of different Taper Locking Pulleys.