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Couplings & Gears

When it comes to the process of transmitting power, couplings form an important part of the whole procedure. This is where two rotating shafts can be joined together at each end, making it possible for movement or misalignment to occur.

There is a wide range of flexible and rigid couplings in our store. Flexible couplings are HC spider element, F-tyre and L-jaw couplings while RM rigid couplings are rigid. This makes it possible to join two shafts together in order to enable the transmission of power. These are commonly found in many different types of industrial drive applications.

If you are looking for accurate alignment along with a secure hold then rigid couplings are the best choice. Flexible couplings are used when there are two shafts that are misaligned and this allows shock absorption to take place while minimising vibration as well as noise. Couplings consist of extremely reliable and high quality materials and they are designed with tight dimensional tolerances.

It is possible to purchase replacement rubber inserts as well as tyres that can be found in standard and F.R.A.S compounds. Coupling hubs are also available and these come with a pilot or taper bore. A taper bore has been designed using pre-machined taper bushes and they are then finished using the correct bore as well as keyway size.

Couplings come in a number of ranges from HRC70 to HRC280 flexible couplings, F40 to F250 tyre flexible couplings, L035 to L180 jaw flexible couplings and RM12 to RM40 rigid couplings.