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Shaft Fixings

Shaft fixings

Taper bushes are often the most convenient choice and cost saving way of joining components onto a mating shaft without having to rely on a machining process.

These are commonly used with V and wedge belt pulleys, poly V-belt pulleys, roller chain sprockets, flexible and rigid couplings, timing belt pulleys as well as weld-on and bolt on hubs and adapters. They are very important when it comes to creating a link between a component and a shaft.

Taper bushes are made with the required bore and keyway size and this means that they are pre-machined. They are available in 1008 to 5050 and come in imperial and metric bore sizes.

Adaptors have been created for use in parallel bore components and this removes any need to drill, tap and taper bore items that are non-standard that require fixing to a mating shaft. Therefore, adaptors have taper bores that are pre-machined that makes it possible to use with taper bushes. Plain adaptors are available in a range of 1008PM to 5050PM as Keyed adaptors are available in 1008KM to 5050KM.

Taper bush locking elements can be used in parallel bore components and this once again removes any requirement to drill tap and taper bore items that are non-standard but require fixing to a mating shaft.

Hubs offer a permanent and secure mounting system that makes it ideal to use in a number of applications. Weld-on and bolt-on hubs are commonly used in combination with taper bushes and this allows the creation of a location point for plate wheels, a drive shaft, gears and other components that rotate.

Weld-on hubs are designed using top quality steel and in order to achieve a standard taper bush they are drilled, tapped and taper bored. For welding purposes, the outer diameter is machined with a shoulder and this makes it easier to weld to steel pulleys and other different components.

Bolt-on hubs are manufactured using high quality cast iron and these are also drilled, tapped and taper bored in order to achieve a standard taper bush. Pre-tapped holes can be found on the outer flange and these are used for securing it to a mating component.