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Variable Speed V Belt Supplier, UK

Variable speed belts are an inexpensive solution which maximises application efficiency and productivity. They are used in applications that require changes to the output speed.  

The revolutions per minute of the driven shaft may be increased or decreased when there are changes in application requirements, load conditions or other circumstances and variable speed belts allow this. 

Our range of Variable Speed V-Belts includes belts conforming to ISOR 1604, they are designated by e.g. the letter W followed by a number e.g. 16 which is the belts width in mm. This is followed by a number e.g. 500 which corresponds to the pitch length Lp in mm. Belts not covered by the ISO standards are designated by a code consisting of a set of 3 numbers e.g. 22 which denotes the belts top width followed by e.g. 8 which denotes the belts thickness and e.g. 1000 which denotes the belts inside length Li in mm, therefore e.g. 22x8x1000. 

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